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The Missing Link for Movement: Making Predictions?

An undervalued part of moving safely is being able to make predictions about the tasks and movements you are performing... Read more

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Core Control: “You Can’t Fire A Cannon From A Canoe”

Some of the most advanced and exciting exercises you can perform require speed, quickness and the ability to be explosive... Read more

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Regress To Progress

Very often when we try to do an exercise, a movement or a task; we’ll find that we are unable to do it at the required intensity... Read more

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Concussion Finally Gains New Attention

From the 6th February, the English Premier League will introduce Concussion substitutes following the lead from rugby and other sports... Read more

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Client Education in Movement Therapy: A Sustainable Solution

A huge part of my role as a Movement Therapist is teaching people about how their body works and the relationships between different areas... Read more

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Chronic Pain: A faulty alarm bell?

When acute pain occurs it is often in response to a trauma or event that has occurred to the body... Read more

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New Year, New You: Evaluation Before Perspiration

There is a famous quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln, which says “If I had 9 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 6 sharpening the axe.”.. Read more

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Tools In The Toolbox: Choosing The Right Option For You

I am very proud to be in my 11th year of being a Personal Trainer. Over the last decade, the most common question I receive is “What do you think of ’x’ for weight loss?”... Read more

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New Year, New You: Catch Me If You Can?

As it’s the New Year lots of people will looking to begin some kind of lifestyle overhaul and lose some weight... Read more

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Finding the root cause: Reoccurring Knee Pain

Sometimes when we have reoccurring injuries, it’s important to step back and look at the whole picture and the whole athlete, in order to work out what is going on... Read more