Here are some testimonials left by my clients, for work I have done with them in areas such as strength training, weight management, pain relief, sports injury and more (see our Services for a range of what we offer). 


I have used Chris several times and always come away happy. Chris is professional but sympathetic always explaining what he is doing and why you are in pain. I have learnt so much about how my body works through my treatments with Chris. I have highly recommended Chris to family and friends. No problem you have is too small or big for Chris to work through.

- Michelle Holder

I went to see Chris Adams for some NKT because I am training for the London marathon, when I was doing a long run I was finding pain in my left shoulder and pain in my right knee, he evaluated all of the complaint areas and spent some time sourcing the original problem which was my head, we did some exercises on the day to build the strength back in the muscles that were playing me up, we then spent some time discussing home exercises for me to continue strengthening my arm and knee! Since then my runs are so much more comfortable and I feel faster! Thank you so much Chris I will continue to recommend you! 100% top service and very attentive! Thanks again!

- Jodie

I had been suffering with a groin injury for just over 4 weeks, which stopped me participating in exercise and caused me to walk with a limp. I then visited Chris for a consultation which was very detailed and he picked up on issues that I had which was causing the groin problems. He then treated these other issues which allowed my groin problem to clear up fully within 2 weeks. Within this 2 week period I was also given exercises to do to help strengthen then area. I was back playing Football within 2 weeks and have had no recurring problems to date. A great professional and knows his stuff!

- Scott Albon

Chris is a wizard! Say to say he has the eye of an eagle when it comes to movement problems! He really cares for his clients and always makes sure the problem is resolved as effectively and efficiently as possible!

- John Shevlin

I can't praise Chris enough! I went to him with knee and hip problems which were stopping me from running, and he put an incredible amount of thought and effort into discovering what was causing the issues - which was far from straightforward. His knowledge is impressive, and he found that there were several other issues that were actually causing the pain. He's also great to work with, and has a good sense of humour, which made the sessions enjoyable as well as beneficial. I'm very happy to report that I'm now back running again and gradually getting back to the speed and mileage I used to do. I highly recommend him - I've had physio and sports massages in the past, but nothing else has really helped like these sessions. Thank you so much Chris - I know it wouldn't have happened without you!

- Kathy Howell

Chris continues to develop his expertise, in fact a would describe him as being at the leading edge of NKT. He recently treated me for an historical problem using his new skills and ever increasing experience which resulted in a very positive outcome for me. The important thing for me is that as his business grows he retains those very important values and ethos that have always made him stand out.
A great young man doing some terrific work. Thanks again Chris.

- Martin Firman

I can not recommend Chris enough - I visited him with very little movement in my shoulder and tremendous pain. Within 2 visits he had my arm movement back and pain almost gone. His knowledge and expertise had actually isolated the problem to my neck and worked on my neck muscles to bring instant relief. You will be in a safe pair of hands.

- Carol Jones

Thank you. For the first time in 2 years, I have no pain in my hip.
Not even a little niggle. All the sports massage therapists and
physios I've seen have years and years of experience, but none of them
managed to get to the bottom of the problem - I genuinely thought it
was something I would have to live with for life. By taking a little
time to take a full history, you identified a weak ankle I didn't even
know I had, and worked through the implications of that and the hotch
potch of seemingly unconnected symptoms it was causing. I hadn't
realised how off balance I was. It's hard to describe how I feel -
not only has my pain gone, but I feel solidly connected to the ground
with both feet. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris, and I can't
believe what a difference a one hour long session has made. I am a convert to neurokinetic therapy!

- Kirsty Tyler

Chris helped me with my knee problem, in just 2 sessions the issue was resolved. His knowledge of the body and his ability to diagnose and fix an issue is fantastic. Thanks Chris

- Poochi

Chris, at AD Fitness, is one of the best PT and physios that I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is able to pinpoint, with precision, what is holding you back physically & mentally whilst remedying it there and then with you walking away with an action plan to prevent it from reoccurring.
One recent example was that, despite my playing rugby 5/6 times a week for over an hour a time, my stamina & endurance was declining & visibly getting worse, with myself not even being able to run for longer than a minute without having to stop for 5 minutes because I felt I couldn't breath & my muscles weren't getting any oxygen. I went to Chris because I knew it was bound to be something inside me not quite working right & Chris has set me right so many times before.
Within an hour Chris had pinpointed that my Diaphragm had "jacked up" due to my pelvic floor acting up, and had me do a few simple breathing exercises and stretches to reactivate my inactive muscles. Since I've been able to play a full game to completion just by following his advice to keep those muscles active & functioning properly.
I would thoroughly recommend Chris for both his PT & his NKT sessions. If I were to give a reason why you should book a visit with Chris is because he is able to point out AND remedy any issues or muscle inactivity that you might have that have hindered your fitness in the past, i.e. my diaphragm!
Chris is very welcoming and patient and is more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure you leave happy and content, not only with your body feeling better, but also with the knowledge to ensure your body stays functioning as it should.

- Jake Quinlan

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