Here are some comments left by my clients, personal training testimonials and for work I have done with them in areas such as strength training, weight management, pain relief, sports injury and many more.  To see the many ways that AD Fitness can can help you, please take a look at our services pages, or get in touch for a chat to see how we can help. 


Thank you. For the first time in 2 years, I have no pain in my hip.
Not even a little niggle. All the sports massage therapists and
physios I've seen have years and years of experience, but none of them
managed to get to the bottom of the problem - I genuinely thought it
was something I would have to live with for life. By taking a little
time to take a full history, you identified a weak ankle I didn't even
know I had, and worked through the implications of that and the hotch
potch of seemingly unconnected symptoms it was causing. I hadn't
realised how off balance I was. It's hard to describe how I feel -
not only has my pain gone, but I feel solidly connected to the ground
with both feet. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris, and I can't
believe what a difference a one hour long session has made. I am a convert to neurokinetic therapy!

- Kirsty Tyler

Chris helped me with my knee problem, in just 2 sessions the issue was resolved. His knowledge of the body and his ability to diagnose and fix an issue is fantastic. Thanks Chris

- Poochi

Chris, at AD Fitness, is one of the best PT and physios that I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is able to pinpoint, with precision, what is holding you back physically & mentally whilst remedying it there and then with you walking away with an action plan to prevent it from reoccurring.
One recent example was that, despite my playing rugby 5/6 times a week for over an hour a time, my stamina & endurance was declining & visibly getting worse, with myself not even being able to run for longer than a minute without having to stop for 5 minutes because I felt I couldn't breath & my muscles weren't getting any oxygen. I went to Chris because I knew it was bound to be something inside me not quite working right & Chris has set me right so many times before.
Within an hour Chris had pinpointed that my Diaphragm had "jacked up" due to my pelvic floor acting up, and had me do a few simple breathing exercises and stretches to reactivate my inactive muscles. Since I've been able to play a full game to completion just by following his advice to keep those muscles active & functioning properly.
I would thoroughly recommend Chris for both his PT & his NKT sessions. If I were to give a reason why you should book a visit with Chris is because he is able to point out AND remedy any issues or muscle inactivity that you might have that have hindered your fitness in the past, i.e. my diaphragm!
Chris is very welcoming and patient and is more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure you leave happy and content, not only with your body feeling better, but also with the knowledge to ensure your body stays functioning as it should.

- Jake Quinlan

In the past 8 months, my weight soared and my fitness suffered. This was all down to an underactive thyroid.
Chris was my first thought to rid me of this weight. During my appointment, instead of a good work out, he spoke to me about a healthy eating plan and taught me how to help my thyroid with sound dietary advice. I learnt so much from him, he has an uncanny natural knack of knowing just what is right for you.
I thought I ate healthily and was pleasantly surprised to hear what he had to say, then realised that in fact, I ate quite badly. I am so glad to have learned this, and have noticed a big difference in my energy levels since changing my eating habits.
Further to this, he noticed that I had a bad knee. He explained that this was due to my back being misaligned! (I thought it was because I am fat) A quick re-alignment procedure & the pain had gone; it was like when you take tight shoes off after a day of shopping.
Chris is a patient, approachable, professional consultant and makes you feel welcome. He is easy to speak to and trustworthy. If you want a reliable and positive approach to health and fitness, I highly recommend Chris Adams before you think about going on a diet or joining a gym class

- Jax F

I went to see Chris following a difficult birth as I had back and hip pain. He managed to find the source of the problem and ease some of the main problem straightaway. He advised on a few regular exercises and I am feeling so much better now - Would not hesitate to recommend Chris, you don't have to be a sportsperson to benefit from his skills

- Jacqui Lewis-Everley

Chris is brilliant at what he does. Very professional and takes the time to listen about any health concerns you have. I've had sciatica for years now and have suffered terrible back pain. He found the cause and we worked through some exercises that have helped tremendously. I wouldn't use anyone else this guy knows what he's doing! Thank you Chris.

- Angela Tate

I approached Chris at Adfitness at the end of August to ask for his help with getting into a routine for exercise and diet. I felt I had lost my way over the last couple of years and weighed heavier than I felt comfortable with.
I run two businesses, have two teenage sons and an elderly Mother to look after so keeping fit and healthy is essential for me which is why I have made it a top priority. We all tend to make time for work, family and socialising and it can make us feel guilty to create some ‘me’ time; but when you have such a busy lifestyle it becomes even more paramount to take care of yourself. I am delighted that I’ve committed to a regular training session with Chris at Adfitness and see it as a sound investment.
Not only does Chris keep you focussed and make each training session different and enjoyable, he is very knowledgeable about his industry and takes time to explain things in detail which gives the reassurance that you’re in safe hands. He genuinely cares and if you have any questions he is always more than happy to help which is a good feeling because I want to be sure that I’m doing the right thing to get the right results for me.
It’s not about getting a perfect figure by having to suffer a restricted diet, it’s about finding the balance, enjoying your food (everything in moderation) and learning how to exercise effectively so you become energised and can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Chris is helping me to do this; in just 8 short weeks I have lost and gained! I have lost 11½lbs and gained more energy!
If you’re wondering whether to make that commitment yourself, contact Chris you won’t be disappointed! Just don’t leave it too long because his diary gets very busy

- Tracey Farmer

Chris has helped at several RockTape events, including the European Inferno Crossfit event, and he is always a pleasure to have on the team. He knows
his physiology inside out, he listens carefully to the athletes and always
tapes effectively to help them. Chris is always welcome as one of our Rock Docs

- Simon Bunyard

I went and saw Chris last night about a knee issue I have been having. It wasn't long before he has identified the issue and worked with me to help ease it. The next morning it felt great. I cant recommend him enough. A lot of knowledge and willing to help how he can.

- Gavin Sterry

Chris Adams is a remarkable person - his depth of understanding regarding nutrition, health and physical fitness is astounding. When you train with him, he doesn’t just know the best exercises for you to do to get the results you want, he understands how the whole body works. He gives loads of advice and if there is something he doesn’t have the answer to, you can guarantee that next time you see him, he will.

- Jacqui Gowman

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