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Lessons In Weight Loss: Turning the Juggernaut Around

I believe one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight is to try and immediately separate themselves from their existing lifestyle; and try to take on a completely new approach... Read more

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Case Study: Shoulder Pain

After dealing with the sudden shock of the lockdown, it has been really enjoyable making the switch to sessions through videocall... Read more

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Remote Coaching & Movement Therapy

I am proud to offer remote sessions by Skype... Read more

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Where is the leak: A modern perspective for pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints in our society. You might have acute back pain from lifting something awkwardly or from being sat down too long. Or you might have chronic pain that has been troubling you for years... Read more

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Wye Valley Riding Club: Getting Back On The Horse

On Wednesday 4th September I was honoured to be invited to speak to the Wye Valley Riding Club at the Beaufort Hotel in Chepstow... Read more

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Case Study: Unexplained Foot & Ankle Pain

Sometimes the answer to a movement problem is straight forward and sometimes we have to dig a little deeper into a client's history to find a solution... Read more

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Case Study: Builder Suffering With Back Pain

A client came in with severe back pain on the right side, around the bottom of his ribs. He was a builder and as his day was progressing, he was finding it very difficult to breathe and he kept getting painful spasms on rotational movements... Read more

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Case Study: Calf Cramping

A client presented with painful calf cramps from playing squash. This had been going on for a long time and was not clearing with stretching or manual therapy... Read more

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Case Study: Getting Back On The Horse

There is a wonderful quote from Ida Rolf, which I learned from Perry Nickelston of Stop Chasing Pain. The quote simply says, "Where you think it is, it ain't.".. Read more